• InBook Reviews


    Because sometimes a girl cannot remember jack squat and requires proof.

    Because when I think of stories, Disney is at the center of many.

    Because I’m 40 and I still freaking LOVE Disney movies. Deal with it.

    Because I read like it is a full time job or something. I fall down the rabbit hole and do not come out until I reach the magical two words, THE END.

    Because some books I can’t even believe I read.

    Because I don’t remember if I wrote a review for the author brave enough to grace us with his/her work.

    Because I can’t remember if I loved, liked, or hated it.

    And by George, would I recommend it and why!

    Lord, help me.

    Where to begin…


    One day I needed something completely different to read. Something that would make me laugh. That desire somehow lead me to Jana DeLeon’s Miss Fortune series and I have bought ever single book thus far. That’s rare, just saying. I cannot get enough of these crazy women and their shenanigans. Fortune, Ida Bell, and Gertie are simply the best. I’d love to have friends just like them.

    I’ve also read Jana’s Shaye Archer series, which I may need to read again in order to give it the proper credit, because it is very worthy.

    I will also state that it is very rare that I read a book more than once.

    Because of Jana, I was introduced to a group of authors affectionately known as the Fab13. These thirteen authors have treated me horribly! They have mad me laugh until I feared wetting myself, have kept me awake all hours of the night, have caused me a serious case of the forties (known as increased bluntness and lack of filter). They have also made me feel in command and made me watch my mouth. GASP! I know! Some have even left me a tad embarrassed that I read their book and not just one but the whole blasted series! The things they can write are down right shocking!

    Some of their ideas are absolutely fascinating and boy are they ever creative. They have each breathed new life into my reading. I’m thankful they entered my life at the ripe age of forty, a time of feeling a lot misunderstood and a whole lot more pissy. < and that’s putting it mildly. My language is nowhere near as colorful as some of theirs, but I love them anyway. I feel as if I am Mr. Darcy and they are Elizabeth Bennet because they’ve totally bewitched me!

    I blame Jana for opening this new hilarious world to me and I thank her for it.