After releasing two books and seeing this quote it really punched me in the gut. I mean, it’s a hundred percent true. I’ve dreamed of being an author for thirty years! I made that happen in 2018 and those two books are a product of that thirty-year-old dream. I used to think putting my work out there was so difficult because it would mean laying my heart out there for everyone to see, but the truth is, it’s not just my heart. I’m handing you my dream.

I know I for one will never hold or read another book without taking a moment to truly appreciate the author’s bravery in sharing their dreams with me. Without their bravery, my To Be Read list would probably be very short. Without their bravery, there wouldn’t have been so many late nights devouring book after book, going on adventure after adventure, or reading passages that melted my heart, brought a tear to my eye, or made me laugh out loud. Without the bravery of those who’ve gone before me, where would my dream be today?

Words are a powerful thing and books well that’s a whole lotta power – treat it well.







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Writing more of my own books, my own series and with my real name vs pen name on them.
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