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Decide, Define, Devote

Every New Year, you hear resolution after resolution and by January 3rd people are already hollering, “Do Over!” or saying things like, “January was my trial month.” Every year, I think, “I’m going to be better at x, y, z” or “I’m actually going to do a, b, c this year“. Sometimes, it’s not even a “New Year” thing, but at “NEW Month” thing.

For example, I enjoy doing the photo challenge @fatmumslim. Each month is a list of new prompts that challenge you to take a daily creative photo. Every year, month and week I tell myself, “I’m going to do this” and then before I know it we are four days into a new year, new month and even a new week and I haven’t taken a single photo. Why not? I saved the graphic, so that I would know what photos to take each day.

Simple: I forgot. I didn’t make a it a priority. I devoted my time, thoughts and energy towards other things. You can have all the, I want to’s and all the I’m going to’s and even the I wish… thoughts but until you act on them they will never be more than just that; a fleeting thought. You might even find yourself imagining your palm to your forehead in a moment of, “Ah crap!” You know what I mean, I know that you do.

I’ve had a lot of stuff on my mind. A lot of things I need to just sit in and take a minute before writing about or doing and with all the other life stuff that goes on, I am easily distracted away from my desires.

When you look at the things you HAVE to do, the things you NEED to do and the things you DESIRE to do, it can all become rather overwhelming. Because of that and because of a challenge I created myself called #BUTDIDYOUREADIT2020 I came up with today’s blog title.




You have to decide what things you HAVE to do everyday. How about some examples?

  • Brush your teeth
  • Change your underwear
  • Put on deodorant
  • Eat/Cook
  • Get your kids up and ready for the day
  • Go to Work
  • Pray

Now, these things that you HAVE to do, DEFINE you. How about some more examples?

  • Clean teeth = nice smile, healthy gums, minty fresh breath and perhaps confidence.
  • Clean underwear = You obviously listen to your Momma! You know the saying…
  • Wearing Deodorant = you smell nice, adds to your confidence, prevents you from sniffing yourself.
  • Eat/Cook = you take care of yourself and your family.
  • Kids = equal you are a parent or guardian.
  • Working = you are the bread winner or enjoy having a career, you’re responsible.
  • Pray = you know all things are possible with God. Christian.

Which brings us to DEVOTE. Ready?

It’s simple. If you do not devote your time and so forth to these things, well then…

Your teeth are probably rotting, your underwear would make your Momma cringe, you stink, your starving, your kids are running wild, you struggle and you seriously need to consider that prayer thing.


So, see what I mean? What we DECIDE we must do or have to do DEFINES us and those are the very things we DEVOTE our time, thoughts and energy to.

This year instead of resolutions or goals and saying things like “I going to, I want to or I wish” how about using January as that trial month. A trial month in the form of examination to see where you are spending your time and so forth. Instead of spending January already feeling behind, why not spending it investing in yourself. Pay attention to where you are spending your time and what or who is taking your time.

When February arrives perhaps we spend it REFLECTING on what we learned in January and then with the arrival of Spring and the birth of new growth – we emerge. We’ve made our decisions and we’ve eliminated what we don’t need or want to define us. We know where our devotion is and can move forward vs falling behind and feeling like a failure.

I think every year, month and week we set ourselves up for failure because we tell ourselves, it’s a “new year, month or week and I will do better, I’m going to do better…” And then the next year, month or week, we find ourselves repeating the same thing over and over again. I believe it’s time we break that vicious cycle, don’t you?

So, what, who, when, and where are you devoting your time?

Don’t let the beginning drag you under before you’ve even begun. You were created for far more than the feeling of DEFEAT.

…that’s my two-cents for the day. I hope it reaches whomever needs to hear it.

Love you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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