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Girls, Girls, Girls

First: A praise report. We received another $50 donation towards Momma’s medical bills.

Second: We’ve received a total of $300 towards Momma’s medical bills. It may not seem like much stacked against the never ending bills, but it has truly been a blessing and every little bit does help and we do appreciate it. If you’d like to CHIP IN you may do so HERE.

Hannah Branum – my sweet ten-year-old niece has the biggest heart ever! Yesterday, she gave Nana a precious little note and with it included some of her birthday money. Of course, Nana couldn’t take her money, but the act of love and the thought were so touching that I must say, thank you Hannah. You are such a sweet little blessing.

Third: If you do not want me to mention your name in praise reports, please let me know, otherwise I’m going to start making some public thank you’s!

Yesterday morning I was awakened in a most unusual way, one I’ve never experienced. For a moment I thought it might be Christmas instead of Thanksgiving. Halen was in bed with me and when I rolled over and opened my eyes, she was looking at me! We snuggled a moment and I thought well, I should get up I better tickle this little thing. She starts giggling and before I know it there is another little girl, Tabby, on my other side! She just climbed on up in the bed and snuggled up too. Then I look up and another one, Bethany, standing in the doorway! They were all wide awake and talking and holy moly what a wake up! I hadn’t even had any coffee or the chance to prepare for the invasion!!

By the time I pulled myself from the bed and the pile of girls I needed coffee STAT!!! I think I had like 5 cups and I still wasn’t caffeinated enough for a day of girls, girls, and more girls! Plus, I had cooking to do!! I tried to include them…that required more caffeine! I’m not sure I ever managed to reach the appropriate caffeine level for yesterday but some how I survived and I made some pretty good homemade rolls too!

We had lots and lots of food and all my siblings were here, so Momma was happy. Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday – I don’t remember why so I can’t tell you. However, the night before we had a late night. She picked up Bethany and Tabby. Halen and I went to the store. Then we were making desserts. I made the pie crust and Momma made a pumpkin pie (YUCK! I don’t like that stuff). Next was something called Chocolate Lasagna. Both of them must have been a hit because they’re half gone!

Needless to say we went to bed late and I was fully awaked by a pile of girls before 7:30!!! Dear Heavens! The day was filled with cooking, dodging dogs (I nearly face planted tripping over Bo’s tail…that earned him a trip outside), doing dishes, fussing at kids to get along, telling stories, laughing so hard we cried, and eating far too much food. Thankfully Momma was able to enjoy a bit of the food, however, I did notice later that she was struggling with heartburn and chest pain again. I cannot wait until we get her fixed up.

Speaking of fixed up, yesterday evening while sitting on the couch she got a notification from the Doctor and her appointment with the surgeon has been moved up to December 3rd! Tuesday!!! We are so excited and praying that we can quickly get this show on the road now! The sooner the better!

Please, please pray he does not want her to do that first test over. The EDG or whatever it was called that they sedated her for and required her to wear a monitor for 48 hours. That was $2,000 out of pocket and it’s not our fault that capsule they inserted was faulty and did not connect with the monitor. I feel the last test, the manometry test got all the data that is needed, so I’m just praying she doesn’t have to go through that first test again. One because it was a miserable and horrible experience for her and two because that’s another $2,000! The medical bills are over $20,000 now and we haven’t even made it into surgery! So please pray over that and this financial burden.

I’m hoping they can do the surgery quickly and she can be home resting and recovering as we head into Christmas. It will be nice with everyone here to help her and make sure she doesn’t over do it. So while it might seem crazy or sad to be going through a surgery during the holiday season, I think it’s gonna be okay. We’re all here and we will make sure things are taken care of and that will give Momma one of her favorite gifts: simply sitting there and enjoying the presence of her family.

I do miss my little family, but I know they are doing okay and they understand why I’m here. When the appointment with the surgeon was on the 17th I was debating whether or not to stay or go. I mean I feel helpful and useful here and I don’t want Momma over doing it. Since I can’t force her to stop working and she does need that pay check for bills and these medical bills, the least I can do is take care of the house and things. That way when she comes home, she can rest.

When I discussed it with my husband he said, “You went home for a reason. Has that reason changed?” Well, no, it hasn’t. So he says to me, “Then stay there, because if you come back home you’ll worry yourself into a fit and then you’ll be driving right back to her. We’re okay. We’re big boys. We have bacon and know how to cook it. We’ll see you at Christmas.” Of course he told me he’d see me at Christmas before all that as well, but I wasn’t sure how the “seeing me” would occur. I guess I now know. I sure do love that man and I’m extremely thankful he understands me.

My daughter, Ashlynn, sure cooked a nice Thanksgiving meal for David, Brier, her boyfriend Tony and our nephew Kristjan. It looked very yummy and I know she was in her element. She loves to cook. David sent me a photo of the table and I saw that she even made homemade mac and cheese too! She makes me so proud. I got to enjoy chatting with her a bit last night before she told me she had to go to bed. She’s going to the Virginia Tech football game today. I sure hope she stays warm!

My son, Brier, also sent me a nice little message yesterday too. He might miss me a little bit. I know we’re gonna have to have some serious movie dates when this is all over with. He’s not as chatty as Ash or David but once in a while I get a little message. It makes my heart happy. I know he’s busy with school and interning and working out. Plus, I know my son, he’s not a phone person. Now video games…that’s another story.

Thanksgiving flew in with a bang and drifted out gently. It was a wonderful day and I pray each of you experienced an enjoyable day too.




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