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The Christian Planner

Before Christmas I continually saw this advertisement for a Christian Planner. It was beautiful and on sale! Buy one get one half off! What a steal. I thought, “this is perfect!” I’ll get one for myself and one for Momma. What I didn’t realize at the time, however, is that even though it is beautiful, it is not illustrated. Therefore, all those pretty pictures, drawings, quotes and so forth were added by none other than each owner of his or her own planner.

Now, I am not talented in drawing the way my daughter is and sadly, neither is Momma. What’s a girl to do! Oh wait! I’m very skilled in the art of Hobby Lobby! So off to the store I went and purchased stickers to decorate our planners with, again on sale! I know my HL coupon rotation, trust me!

All is well again and while no, it’s not what I expected I love it anyway. I’ve made it my very own. So that’s cool and each morning I get up. I read from my two devotionals and write the scriptures into the corresponding date of my planner. I pick out a word that seems to stand out from the reading and write it in another color in capital letters. I may or may not add a sticker or ten and then I get on with my day. Oh, I also check off a few things. They say, in order for the dream to work, you have to


I’m getting better at that every day.

One of the really awesome things about this planner is the inspiration you see in all levels of art. From those of us really bad at it – yet trying, to those of us who are simply amazing! And then, the inspiration of mischief managed – or chaos controlled, is WOW! Where one may not be good at art, they sure do pick up the slack elsewhere. Trust me. It’s all good stuff!

This is provided to you through Instagram and a dedicated Facebook group. (The group may be hidden as it is private – Christian Planner Family). The wonderful thing about the Facebook group is the community, the daily prayer requests, the book recommendations, and people are even signing up to be pen pals! I LOVE that! It’s all so up my alley. I am really enjoying starting my day with it.

Anyway, a few weeks back someone shared a picture of a book that had me very curious. What do most bookworms do when presented with a new title? Yup, you guessed it. I bought it. The little book is called, When God Winks, How the Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life by SQuire Rushnell.

A totally new to me author, who is not new at all! He’s been around for a good while. God Winks have even been a series on the Today show! Of course, I wouldn’t know that without having read the first parts of this book, but still, how did I miss this? I can seriously thank that group for cluing me in!


I’ve been longing to write a post since I began reading the book. I had to put the book down and wait a bit. It’s asking me a lot of “thinking” questions and I will probably have to revisit these questions more than once. What I thought I might do though, is share with you the nuggets of wisdom I pluck from this book as I work my way through to discovering the God Winks in my own life. I thought instead of keeping this all to myself, perhaps if I did what I do best and wrote it out it would come to me more naturally.


The book is only 162 pages, however, there are a few others in the series from what I’m understanding. So here’s a chance for you to get to know me even further. From time to time I will post a “Noted: God Winks” post, and that will be a post answering the questions asked or coming to a realization that, yup that was a God Wink. Know what I mean? Hopefully, it will be something you are interested in reading or will enjoy. Either way, it’s my website, my outlet and I’m gonna keep track of it right here.


First response and in no way complete. Therefore, I will revisit this again, but for now:

I wanted to be an author. I was eight. I’m not sure where I was. I think my grandparents home with them and my Mom. I don’t know that it, actually scratch that, I do know. The event was the end of my parents marriage. I needed a healthy outlet and quickly learned that I liked to write. As time went on, I was encouraged by my Mom, Grandpa, Creative Writing teachers and Librarians to keep writing, to share my stories. I rarely, if ever shared them – it’s still an issue that I’m working through.

My first steps toward an actual writing career where I was paid actual money could be considered nothing more than dabbling. Yet, I remained encouraged by family members and friends alike. I took a few classes here and there. I’ve had countless blogs, helped write vows, written poetry and even a sermon once. I’ve written parts of my personal testimony, countless incomplete stories and basically journaled since the ripe age of eight. I’ve befriended other authors. I’ve been introduced to the Indie Author world, which was a major heartbreaking lesson, but resulted in my first paycheck as an author.

I think the God Winks are all around me. I was constantly encouraged, but the most memorable moment was when my Grandpa found and read a letter I’d written to a family friend who was dying of AIDS. I forgot to mail it. My Grandpa was sad that I didn’t mail it, that Linda didn’t get to read my words of comfort. It was then that I realized my writing could reach into the heart of another person verses just giving them an enjoyable story to read.

Further through out my dabbling I’ve had moments, God Winks, I suppose, where family or friends that I’ve shard my words with have said to me over and over, “You have a way with words.” I’ve heard it so many times, I guess I finally decided to believe it. When I’m discouraged, which is a lot as it takes great courage to open up your heart and lay your dreams in another hands, I remind myself, God doesn’t call the qualified.

I may have a way with words. I feel I have my good days and my bad days, but truth be told my grammar and punctuation – whoa baby! Does that ever need help. I write like I talk – that’s just the way I am. Real. Imperfect me. Who loves to dabble with the beauty of words and do my best to cause the reader to simply feel something. For the readers out there that can accept that, y’all are my tribe and I love you.

Well, it’s off to bed for me. Tomorrow is a new day. A day to see how Momma is progressing and a day closer to my going home. She’s doing well. Eating her “pourable” foods and being very cautious. She’s tired a lot and seems unsure of how she should or should not be feeling, which is to be expected. I mean, how would you know for sure, never having this type of surgery done before. She has managed her own showers, taken clothing out of the dryer (though I did have to pick up the basket for her), and today she swept and swifter mopped the living room. So progress! Sneezing, coughing and laughing all still hurt. However, she looks good, or at least I think she does.

My plan is to head home to Virginia on the 13th. The day after her birthday, by then I should feel secure in leaving her. I believe she is ready to get back to some sort of normalcy and I don’t blame her as I myself ache for that very thing. I feel it is time for me to go. I feel it as strongly as I felt the need for my arrival back in November. If my husband and daughter were not sick with the flu and contagious until Monday, I might would head out earlier, but I don’t want the flu! Is that mean of me? I hope not. I want to be able to stop and see Ashlynn and to snuggle my hubby when I get home. Won’t be any fun if they’re both still sick. I really hope and pray Brier doesn’t get it. I need to hug and love on my people!

Anyway, keep those prayers coming for Momma’s recovery and I’ll keep you updated on her. Also, prayers for my family and my upcoming travel. Thank you so much for all your prayers, love and support during this time. If you feel called to chip in and help Momma with those medical bills it would be a huge blessing to her.




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